1. Told you I bite back

    Told you I bite back

    9 month old Jersey getting Ozzy back for chewing on his face. {Ozzy's face is priceless} ("You don't have to yell Jersey")
  2. I will bite back

    I will bite back

    This is Jersey playing with a boxer puppy named Ozzy he met at the beach.
  3. my boys!

    my boys!

    our new adoptee Tyson and our baby Tyler coming to find out where mommy ran off to. . .
  4. if they only knew what was coming . . .

    if they only knew what was coming . . .

    my boys in the tub before their very first bath together - and it actually went quite wonderfully!
  5. 8 Weeks Old

    8 Weeks Old

    Jersey at 8 weeks old with her Dad on the couch.
  6. *MmMm*


    What a tasty leaf. (Jersey 5 months.)
  7. When I grow up

    When I grow up

    I'm gonna be in the NBA. My Daddy told me so.
  8. Hey mister cat

    Hey mister cat

    GET OUT OF MY YARD!! or I will eat you.
  9. Please


    oh please Can I have a treat?
  10. 5 months

    5 months

    Come any closer and I'll fart.
  11. Hey


    MOM get the camera outta here right now!
  12. We love water Kongs

    We love water Kongs

    These to boxer buds are priceless!! Jersey is the one in the front they are so much alike they even have to wear their ears the same style didn't you know? This season it's the latest style for natural eared boxers to wear on back and one forward it's supposibly all the rage *lol* Jersey 6...
  13. Are you ready to go home?

    Are you ready to go home?

    NO!! Well tell your daddy to stay at the park longer and I will go tell my dad the same. Jersey and Miller chattin at the park.
  14. Jersey: "Uhhhh? Miller"

    Jersey: "Uhhhh? Miller"

    "You have a long furry thing growing off of your bum!!!" Miller: "That's my tail man don't be a hater"
  15. Long lost brothers

    Long lost brothers

    Jersey is on the right the other boxers name is Miller, everyone at the dog park thinks they are brothers but Jersey is half a month older they look so cute when they play together! It is also hard at times to tell them apart theres one thing that differs between the two Miller has a tail. We...
  16. I'm just sittin here

    I'm just sittin here

    Jersey at the dog park all alone he must not realize that SOME dogs go home when it starts to get dark. *lol*
  17. "Mom he's still doing it!!"

    "Mom he's still doing it!!"

    Jersey pouting because daddy snores to loud, If only he knew what he sounds like when he snores.
  18. Where's the ladies at?

    Where's the ladies at?

    Jersey at 5 months.
  19. Jersey at 4 months

    Jersey at 4 months

    "This is my impression of my daddy's face when he comes home from work."
  20. Innocent isn't he?

    Innocent isn't he?

    A tired puppy is a good puppy. This is jersey at 4 months old.