1. The perfect pillow

    The perfect pillow

    Butkis has found the perfect use for his new sister Bella. A PILLOW.
  2. Boxer Christmas

    Boxer Christmas

    Bella's (on the left) first Christmas with us. Butkis doesn't look like he wants to share his gifts.
  3. Bella's Winning Photo

    Bella's Winning Photo

    PetFlex, a hand tear, cohesive flexible bandage, had a photo contest for using their product in an unusual manner. Upon coming home, we found Bella in the middle of a couch cushion in pieces. This was our opportunity to enter the contest. That is the pink stuff around her mouth. We won and...
  4. Butkis & Bella

    Butkis & Bella

    After a long day of playing, Butkis and Bella need some cuddle time.
  5. Caught in the Act

    Caught in the Act

    Bella was caught chewing up a stuffed soccer ball.
  6. You are under my spell

    You are under my spell

    You are under my spell. You won't be bad anymore. Yea Right!!!!
  7. I Didn't Do That!

    I Didn't Do That!

    The rath of a bored boxer. Look at her face, she's so innocent.
  8. Butkis & Bella

    Butkis & Bella

    It took a while, but I finally got them to settle down enough to take a picture.
  9. I pitty the fool....

    I pitty the fool....

    Butkis is such a baby, we tried everything to toughen him up. Even his appearance.
  10. Caught in the Act

    Caught in the Act

    Who's teaching who how to dance.
  11. Bella's First Day

    Bella's First Day

    This is Bella, she is 11 months old and is now a part of our family. She is trying to get used to sharing everything with her big brother Butkis (4 years old) I almost forgot what a puppy acted like (ALMOST)
  12. Butkis


    Butkis hit the big 4 years old this year. One of these day, he'll get out of the puppy stage (I doubt it).
  13. Give me a ride

    Give me a ride

    Butkis and his new friend Tyson. Butkis is like a role model, he's already taught Tyson how to drink out of the Toilet.
  14. Nap Time

    Nap Time

    Your never too old for a nap
  15. No Autographs Please!

    No Autographs Please!

    A day in the life of Butkis, the SUPERSTAR!