1. Pulling really hard

    Pulling really hard

    Maira is taking my siter Jasmine out for a walk
  2. Boat trip.

    Boat trip.

    Jasmine sleeping with her buddy Shady.
  3. My weird girl!

    My weird girl!

    Does anybody elses dog lay like this?
  4. Jasmine & Dad

    Jasmine & Dad

    This was her first day home.
  5. My pretty girl

    My pretty girl

  6. Santa Jasmine

    Santa Jasmine

  7. Baby Jasmine

    Baby Jasmine

  8. I'm being good..... I promise

    I'm being good..... I promise

  9. Jasmine at cabin

    Jasmine at cabin

    She's not a little puppy anymore!! Memorial day weekend at our cabin. She is now 11 months old.
  10. My Little Princess

    My Little Princess

    Just being a pretty girl on her new pillow.
  11. Jasmine


    Jasmine in the yard.
  12. Jasmine licking the air

    Jasmine licking the air

    They were outside laying in the grass while mom was TRYING to take pictures.