1. jake on richard

    jake on richard

    jake on holiday pictured with richard playing with sand
  2. jake


    a photo of jake on holiday in cornwall relaxing on the beach
  3. jake in cornawall

    jake in cornawall

    A picture of me and jake on hoiliday in cornwall
  4. my jake

    my jake

    why do you keep clicking that thing?
  5. Laika and best friend Jake

    Laika and best friend Jake

    This is Laika and her best friend Jake in my in laws' house
  6. WOW! this is cool.....not

    WOW! this is cool.....not

    It's 8AM and the cold doesn't bother them, just me waiting in the door.
  7. Oh boy daddies home

    Oh boy daddies home

    Jake spot Jan pulling in the driveway.
  8. sexy Jake

    sexy Jake

    Jake likes to lay on top and look out the front window.
  9. Jake & Maggie

    Jake & Maggie

    Jake and Maggie lounging on the couch
  10. They love that couch

    They love that couch

    Caesar Jake Maggie cuddling
  11. couch potatoes

    couch potatoes

    All but Maggie who is on gramma's lap on the other couch.
  12. Hannah & Jake with frisbee

    Hannah & Jake with frisbee

    Hannah with Jake playing frisbee
  13. Hannah & Jake outside

    Hannah & Jake outside

    Hannah and her friend, Jake playing
  14. Hannah & Jake (1)

    Hannah & Jake (1)

    Hannah and her Boston Terrier friend, Jake.
  15. Jake sleeping

    Jake sleeping

    Jake sleeping upside down on my lap with his lip stuck on his teeth
  16. WE love water

    WE love water

    Brandi, Jake, Maggie love water but not Caesar
  17. love that hose

    love that hose

    playing with the hose
  18. water lovers

    water lovers

    Playing in the water
  19. Can I have some too

    Can I have some too

    I want to eat too
  20. Our Grandson and Jake

    Our Grandson and Jake

    Our Grandson spends many weekends at our house and Jake and Christian are great pals. Jake won't leave Christians side hardly when he visits. Christian loves him very much.