1. Star 2 August

    Star 2 August

  2. Our Family

    Our Family

    Family Photo
  3. My Tongue is Bigger

    My Tongue is Bigger

    My Tongue is Bigger
  4. nice job

    nice job

    The biggest in the litter, he is a handfull.
  5. Pretty Baby Lizzie

    Pretty Baby Lizzie

    Lizzie loves to watch Ray-Ray, our quaker parrot. Ray-Ray talks to her and she listens intently, he calls her "IZZY." Maybe I can catch a pic of the two of them...
  6. Playing at the NJ Shore

    Playing at the NJ Shore

  7. tugowar


  8. This is the life

    This is the life

    Tyson does this everytime he gets into the car..
  9. Sadie & mom

    Sadie & mom

    This is my sweet baby tyring her best not to get her pic taken...mayeb she thougt she was having a bad "fur" day...
  10. Lenny


    This is Lenny. approx 1 yr old. Big puppy at heart, long legged, full of energy and lots of love. He found his way right into our hearts.
  11. How cute is this

    How cute is this

  12. Bet you can't see me

    Bet you can't see me

    She really thinks she is hiding.
  13. Kane


    His name is Kane and he is 5 Months old
  14. Not funny

    Not funny

  15. Crypie


  16. Kiwi the clown

    Kiwi the clown

  17. looking around

    looking around

  18. Comming Mom

    Comming Mom

  19. Closer look

    Closer look

  20. mugsey and eric

    mugsey and eric