1. Bowser neck deep in Sand!

    Bowser neck deep in Sand!

    This little stinker loves the sand and he LOVEEEEES to dig and lay in the coolness of it! So we buried him back...and he LOVED that too! What a silly nutt!
  2. jake in cornawall

    jake in cornawall

    A picture of me and jake on hoiliday in cornwall
  3. What do YOU want?

    What do YOU want?

    Trinity looking for advice;)
  4. Wally and Reuben

    Wally and Reuben

  5. Summer Cool Down

    Summer Cool Down

    Bastien cooling off in his pool!
  6. Water Baby

    Water Baby

    This was the first time Duchess got introduced to a lake, we knew she loved water but did not know how she would react to the lake - Well we could not get her back in the boat
  7. Favorite Toy In Mouth

    Favorite Toy In Mouth

    Delilah and favorite toy in mouth, the remains of bug ZZ. It looks like a long tongue in the picture:)
  8. Joe Boxer

    Joe Boxer

    Joes 1st day of obediance school.
  9. Can you keep me??

    Can you keep me??

    This is Buster (or as least what we called him). We found him on the road and his owners came calling for him after 1.5 weeks... We are so sad :(
  10. very long tongue

    very long tongue

  11. I'm a pretty girl

    I'm a pretty girl

  12. flowers for me

    flowers for me

  13. Roxy in the yard

    Roxy in the yard

    Roxy is about 2 1/2 years old. She came to live here 4/14/03. She was rescued.
  14. Olivia at work

    Olivia at work

    Just another day at the office passing out love.
  15. WorkOut


    What a Workout!
  16. Church on his first boat ride

    Church on his first boat ride

  17. Cool Lou

    Cool Lou

  18. Pups in the Wagon

    Pups in the Wagon

    Chaos is the one in the rear right.
  19. scooby's first day home

    scooby's first day home

    This was Scooby's first day home. He is here just sitting up in the kitchen chillin.