1. Heading back to the boat

    Heading back to the boat

    It's a bit of a walk back but when you're hungry it goes pretty quickly.
  2. Chase


    Chase's 1st day home
  3. Roxie at 6 weeks

    Roxie at 6 weeks

    Am I cute or what?
  4. Baby Tito

    Baby Tito

    This was titos first night at home.
  5. Gable is here!

    Gable is here!

  6. already at home

    already at home

    She's so worn out after such a big day
  7. Good buddies already

    Good buddies already

    She's making herself at home
  8. Layla & Gage

    Layla & Gage

    Layla & my oldest son, Gage
  9. Seth, my dear boxer in Brazil

    Seth, my dear boxer in Brazil

    My buddy and his cute little face


    Here is a pic of Rayne, our first boxer pup who came home today. She is with our older dog Delstar.
  11. Sophie


  12. Baby Sam

    Baby Sam

    Sam, on his first night at home
  13. Lenny


    This is Lenny. approx 1 yr old. Big puppy at heart, long legged, full of energy and lots of love. He found his way right into our hearts.
  14. First Day Home

    First Day Home

    Oscar at 8 weeks old.
  15. Baby Bus

    Baby Bus

    I knew you were the one
  16. Lucy Ball

    Lucy Ball

    The first day we brough Lucy home.
  17. see how big i am getting

    see how big i am getting

    learning how to use her legs
  18. my new baby

    my new baby

    My new baby at 3 1/2 weeks old
  19. Dads not home

    Dads not home

    Sneeky girl, dads not home so I'll sleep on the chair.
  20. Tulley's first night home

    Tulley's first night home

    Rescued baby Tulley's first night home.