1. I want to come out and play too!!

    I want to come out and play too!!

  2. Feeling Good!!

    Feeling Good!!

  3. Soo Sleepy!

    Soo Sleepy!

  4. 1st step!

    1st step!

    This is the first step to getting on the couch!
  5. Hello!!


  6. Got a new Bone!!

    Got a new Bone!!

  7. Laying Around

    Laying Around

  8. Look at that Face!

    Look at that Face!

  9. Lounging Around

    Lounging Around

  10. I love yout too, Heidi!
  11. Heidi Sitting Pretty

    Heidi Sitting Pretty

  12. I dunno

    I dunno

    Seriously mom, I don't know who chewed up that paper!!
  13. Close Up

    Close Up

  14. Waiting for Summer

    Waiting for Summer

    Summer Can't come soon enough!!
  15. Heidi


    Here's a picture of Heidi. I thought it was pretty she looks so nice and shiny!!