1. IstChristmas


    This is Gnarly with his christmas hat around his neck
  2. Duka in his cap

    Duka in his cap

    Duka with his cap. Now if we can just get him to wear it without the bribe :D
  3. Adrian pose

    Adrian pose

    Adrian striking a pose
  4. Santa Cookie

    Santa Cookie

    My Christmas card photo from two years ago. Cookie didn't like wearing the hat, and was definitely NOT happy with me. Luckily she got over it, with some bribery :D
  5. Summer's New Spidey Hat!

    Summer's New Spidey Hat!

    She really hated this hat!
  6. Green Bay Packer Fan

    Green Bay Packer Fan

    Lily showing support for her favorite football team.... The Green Bay Packers.
  7. Casey with a hat on

    Casey with a hat on

    "Stop putting things on my head."
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Yoda Cat with her Pilgrim hat on!
  9. Winstons new hat

    Winstons new hat

    Winstons new hat, can't ya tell how well he likes it.