1. Happy at Play

    Happy at Play

    Thought it was cute so snapped a shot of my MiniPinscher and Kayla playing.
  2. Peek-a-Boo


    Have you got any cats for me in that camera?
  3. Happy Dog!

    Happy Dog!

    I'm a Happy Dog!!
  4. Playing at the NJ Shore

    Playing at the NJ Shore

  5. Happy B-Day Rusty

    Happy B-Day Rusty

    Happy B-day Rusty
  6. Lenny


    This is Lenny. approx 1 yr old. Big puppy at heart, long legged, full of energy and lots of love. He found his way right into our hearts.
  7. happy rocky

    happy rocky

    rocky and momma
  8. Dinner Time!

    Dinner Time!

  9. Parson Brown

    Parson Brown

    Who needs a man when my guy can make me smile like this?
  10. Did I mention "thank you" yet this hour?

    Did I mention "thank you" yet this hour?

    Our rescue boy, Buddy, getting used to everything, including all the pictures!