1. Pretty Boy Arff

    Pretty Boy Arff

    Aren't I handsome?
  2. Arff Grrfunkel

    Arff Grrfunkel

    This is our new foster boy, Arff...after an hour of play with our shepherd mix...
  3. Our Family

    Our Family

    Family Photo
  4. Look at that face!!

    Look at that face!!

    My handsome little son!!
  5. Oscar


    this is Oscar
  6. Got it!

    Got it!

    He liked it so much he took it
  7. can i have this?

    can i have this?

    Cyrus though the tinsel suited him
  8. Kato and Michael 10/2002

    Kato and Michael 10/2002

    Kato as big as my 7 year old. Dancing around in the living room. Having a good time.
  9. Tennis, anyone?

    Tennis, anyone?

    Popeye posing in tennis shoes.
  10. LEWIS


  11. LEWIS


  12. Gunner looking handsome

    Gunner looking handsome

  13. Our handsome boy

    Our handsome boy

    Chewy basking in the sun. He's about a year old in the picture.
  14. Tomi just chillin

    Tomi just chillin

    Tomi is just chillin like he normally does when I am doing my homework=) He is soo handsome=)Im a proud mommy!