1. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

    Dino's 1st Halloween
  2. Papizilla and Guapozilla

    Papizilla and Guapozilla

  3. Guapozilla


  4. Super Hunter

    Super Hunter

    Hunter's first Halloween costume
  5. Bastien's first halloween

    Bastien's first halloween

    Bastien dressed in his very best for his first halloween.
  6. tyler's halloween costume

    tyler's halloween costume

    Old pic, but this was Tyler's halloween costume - he got to go trick or treating and even got doggie bones at some houses!
  7. Mom Take this Off!

    Mom Take this Off!

    Rocco hates his costume
  8. Abby with goofy family

    Abby with goofy family

    Me and my daughter Brittaney with Abby right before trick or treating
  9. Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    Here's Mahlon with his Grandma on Halloween. :)
  10. 00-K9 First's Halloween

    00-K9 First's Halloween

    This is 00 K9 posing for his first halloween picture
  11. Baby's Halloween Costume

    Baby's Halloween Costume

    This is Baby's halloween costume. She is going to be a dragon
  12. Ready for Halloween!

    Ready for Halloween!

    This is Cyrus, He seemed to prefer this position more then any! Always being funny!
  13. Halloween doggies

    Halloween doggies

  14. Bumble Bee Maxxie

    Bumble Bee Maxxie

  15. BOO!


    Here is Legend in his "costume" for his first Halloween. (7 months old)