1. Our Gunnar

    Our Gunnar

  2. Gunnar at the Park

    Gunnar at the Park

    What a handsome little devil!
  3. Gunnar


    "Should I?"
  4. Couch Hog!

    Couch Hog!

    Here's Gunnar, in his favortie place....lounging on the loveseat.
  5. Kissy Time!

    Kissy Time!

    Here's Mommy giving Gunnar a big kiss for being a good boy in the bathtub.
  6. Sleeping Beauties

    Sleeping Beauties

    Gunnar and Madison, doing what they do best. Zzzzzzz....snort....Zzzzzzz....Snore....Zzzzzzzz....fart.....Zzzzzz
  7. Gunnar and Madison

    Gunnar and Madison

    Whatcha want, Dad?
  8. Gunnar and Madison

    Gunnar and Madison

    Just Chillin'!
  9. Lookin Outside!

    Lookin Outside!

    Stay Away or we'll lick ya to death!
  10. Relaxing


    Gunnar and Madison relaxing