1. Jack and Goliath

    Jack and Goliath

    Aren't they handsome!!
  2. Party Boy

    Party Boy

    Oh the silly things they make me do!! GK
  3. What a ham!!

    What a ham!!

    So, do you think Jack likes having his picture taken??
  4. Lizard Boy Jack!

    Lizard Boy Jack!

    Jack's iguana impersonation!!
  5. Now that's better!!

    Now that's better!!

    Now that's the way to be nice boys!!!
  6. WHAT is this??

    WHAT is this??

    What is this thing spitting water at me??? GK
  7. Just Jump over it

    Just Jump over it

    Remember if you are doing your power laps in the house and an old dog gets in your way...just spread your wings and fly over it! Jack
  8. Jack and Goliath

    Jack and Goliath

    Handsome fellows!!!
  9. The Big Smooch

    The Big Smooch

    OK, I've got him in a headlock and I'm going to give him the biggest smooch he's ever had!!!! Jack
  10. Left jab

    Left jab

    A left up the side of the head
  11. Right hook

    Right hook

    Jack throws his best punch!! Poor Goliath!
  12. Goliath Knowles

    Goliath Knowles

    Wanna bite of my milk bone?
  13. GoliathKnowles