1. Poor Goliath!!

    Poor Goliath!!

    Just another day in paradise! Poor Goliath...he handles it all so well!
  2. Bookends


    Sweet as Pie!!!
  3. Spoiled pure rotten!!

    Spoiled pure rotten!!

    One evening I was lying on the couch watching TV and got up to go get a re-fill on my Mt. Dew and this is what I found when I came back to re-claim MY spot on the couch!!
  4. This chair keeps moving

    This chair keeps moving

    Jack sitting on GK...just another normal day!!
  5. Best buddies

    Best buddies

    I love these rare moments!!
  6. Stop biting ME!!!

    Stop biting ME!!!

    OK...OK I said they get along great MOST of the time!! But you all know Jack has his moments!!
  7. The big hug

    The big hug

    Let me hug you GK, I promise NOT to bite you!!! (well maybe just a little)