1. Dieter & Ruggie

    Dieter & Ruggie

    Dietz with his cousin, Arugula Vespa, a retired racer.
  2. Office Girl Delilah

    Office Girl Delilah

    Delilah laying on quilt in mommy's office...being an angel.
  3. Soccer Girl

    Soccer Girl

    Watch out Pele!!
  4. Bambi


    This is my new girl Bambi:)
  5. mags2


  6. mags1


    Pretty girl
  7. Serious Annie

    Serious Annie

    Annie in thought
  8. lexis


    pretty girl
  9. Danielle & Tom's New Baby

    Danielle & Tom's New Baby

    This is a picture of my brand new baby girl (still can't pick out a name) isn't she beautiful
  10. Tough Girl

    Tough Girl

    Tough little puppy...
  11. Crypie


  12. Ally on bed

    Ally on bed

    Our girl Ally aged 4yrs
  13. My Beloved Baby

    My Beloved Baby

    This is my beloved Baby Girl Sassy, the night before She went to Rainbow bridge..... Sassy 9-1-1993--11-27-2001
  14. big sis

    big sis

    Day at the park with our friends.
  15. My Dolly

    My Dolly

    She runs around the backyard barking with her ears folded back. She sounds tough but it's a little hard to take her seriously when she looks like this.
  16. My Little "Nikki" Girl

    My Little "Nikki" Girl

    Our Sweet White Girl! Isn't she a cutie!! :)
  17. Don't take my picture.....I'm a mess!

    Don't take my picture.....I'm a mess!

    Mojo sideview
  18. Posing Girl

    Posing Girl

    Are you done yet Mommy?
  19. My "pretty" girl

    My "pretty" girl

    My pride and joy!