1. Ginger


    Ginger from Youngtown, Arizona.
  2. ginger lounging

    ginger lounging

  3. What's that?

    What's that?

  4. Toro! Toro!!

    Toro! Toro!!

    Some people confuse Little Ginger with a 'bull'-dog, isn't that unbelievable?!
  5. The Lecture

    The Lecture

    New owners think they know everything - Sheesh! What could Ginger be thinking?
  6. What's Next?!?

    What's Next?!?

    First the Ears - now the Socks, what is next? A dress? A leotard? Sheesh!
  7. BIG hug!!

    BIG hug!!

    The vet warned me against putting Ginger with her friends after surgury - I didn't realize it was to protect them from her BIG hugs!! This picture was taken 24 hours after I got her home.
  8. The Whole Family

    The Whole Family

    It is not easy to get this group into one photo! Buddy is a little camera shy here!
  9. Ginger gives Buddy a Kiss

    Ginger gives Buddy a Kiss

    After a fun game of chew on Buddy's ears, Ginger tries to kiss up to the big guy. Buddy has a great amount of patience for the puppy and will let her chomp herself to sleep!