1. So mistreated!

    So mistreated!

    Zilla and his sister, Fiona, and his foster brother, Magoo.
  2. Good friends.........

    Good friends.........

    What can we clean grandmas patio windows with today.... slobber!!!!!!!!
  3. Long lost brothers

    Long lost brothers

    Jersey is on the right the other boxers name is Miller, everyone at the dog park thinks they are brothers but Jersey is half a month older they look so cute when they play together! It is also hard at times to tell them apart theres one thing that differs between the two Miller has a tail. We...
  4. Best Friends II

    Best Friends II

    Best Friends
  5. Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Best Friends
  6. Shadow & Duchess

    Shadow & Duchess

    Here are Duchess and Shadow, my dad's Golden Retriever. They were having a ball running all over my dad's big yard. This was taken July 6, 2002.
  7. Duchess & Beldar

    Duchess & Beldar

    Here's Duchess with Beldar, our shoe cat. If there's shoes on the floor, you can be Beldar is draped across them. This picture was taken July 17, 2002.
  8. ouch


  9. cozy sleepy pups

    cozy sleepy pups

    Lady, Keiton and pup all asleep an cozy.
  10. Best Buddies!

    Best Buddies!

    Eek and Meek. : )
  11. Gimme some sugar!

    Gimme some sugar!

    Casey and her best friend, Tyson, a friend's rescue boy. She REALLY likes him!
  12. Lucy's cat

    Lucy's cat

    Lucy and Katie, snuggles on Christmas morning


    Had a ball.
  14. Sasha &Honey

    Sasha &Honey

    These Two Dogs Are Sitting Pretty For The Camera
  15. Stacks On

    Stacks On

    Mollie her friend Ned and his Mum Cindy havin a snooze.