1. Foo Foo Picture

    Foo Foo Picture

    Hubby didn't like the flowers, but I think they're cute!
  2. Me and Lacey

    Me and Lacey

    These are my flowers my children sent me.
  3. Sailor buoy

    Sailor buoy

    Here Sailor is investigating the flowers, he was about 8 weeks old in this picture:)
  4. belle in the jonquils

    belle in the jonquils

    belle will do anything for a photo
  5. Spring Portrait

    Spring Portrait

    Duchess had her spring portraits made in our backyard recently. :) (She's only tied because our fence isn't complete. She does NOT stay outside!)
  6. Sniff Sniff....Hmmmmmmm

    Sniff Sniff....Hmmmmmmm

    I just love sniffing the flowers.
  7. Casey laying w/ flowers

    Casey laying w/ flowers

    Casey is such a good girl, she didn't fuss at all.