1. Old Family Pic

    Old Family Pic

    That is me, 32 years ago, my Dad and his boxer Sundance, which is related to Chopper in a way. Sundance's father is the third-grandfather of Chopper!!! Can you believe how much they Sundance and Chopper look alike?
  2. Pups in the Wagon

    Pups in the Wagon

    Chaos is the one in the rear right.
  3. Family Portrait

    Family Portrait

    This is one of the "family portraits" we had taken at The Picture People, 5/10/03.
  4. Snow pictures

    Snow pictures

    Carol, the boys, and Rowdy in the snow
  5. Jena and family outside

    Jena and family outside

    Jena, Chance, Dirk, Tyler and Jeno
  6. My Family

    My Family

    This is a pic of my four children. My husband, my son and our two wonderful boxers, the white one is Mollie and the fawn one is Gumbeaux (Beaux).
  7. Our little family

    Our little family

    This is our first family photo with Bailey at 1 year.
  8. Our new member

    Our new member

    Nikko on his favorite blanket.
  9. Gracey's Family

    Gracey's Family

    This is Gracey with my husband, Jeffrey, and me. We all enjoyed the snow and beautiful scenery of Vermont on our Valentine's Day vacation there this year.
  10. Lucy & Josie sleeping

    Lucy & Josie sleeping

    Little sleepers, already best friends.
  11. Doc & Lucy meet

    Doc & Lucy meet

    Doc meets his new little sis Lucy.
  12. Niko & Mommy (2.2002)

    Niko & Mommy (2.2002)

    Mommy & Niko Dancing .. She wanted to go for a ride, So I turned around, and she jumped up, we ended up looking like we were dancing!