1. bxrbgood

    My Boxer boy Diezel

    Don't let his angelic expression fool you. :) He grew up as an unsupervised street thug. I've been working on him since I got him at 18 months of age. He's a good boy now while we're out walking (if I keep him on leash near his triggers). At home he is almost angelic, almost. He loves to rough...
  2. Watch!


    Dieter obeying the watch command!
  3. What?


    I wounder what she's thinking?
  4. Pretty Boy Arff

    Pretty Boy Arff

    Aren't I handsome?
  5. I love you Mom!

    I love you Mom!

    Oh so very handsome!
  6. HIYA!!


    I just love this picture. Its my Mazzy girl...up close and personal!
  7. Well...hello there!

    Well...hello there!

  8. Jersey at 4 months

    Jersey at 4 months

    "This is my impression of my daddy's face when he comes home from work."
  9. Cute Baby Drake

    Cute Baby Drake

    How can anyone resist this face?
  10. Wilson's big 'ol face

    Wilson's big 'ol face

    I swear he looks human sometimes. Just look at that expression!
  11. Caesar, are you comfortable?

    Caesar, are you comfortable?

    I wondered why Caesar's face smelled weird.
  12. WHAT!!!!!!!


  13. GINGER


    gingers face
  14. Favorite Spot

    Favorite Spot

    CLose up of Higgin's on his master's side - his favorite spot to sleep.
  15. Higgins face

    Higgins face

    Higgin's with sad face.
  16. i,m so tired

    i,m so tired

    always an open eye
  17. My garden

    My garden

    She thinks its her private domain
  18. how do I loke boys

    how do I loke boys

    So sweet
  19. Jersey


    Our sweet baby girl, Jersey, at 4 months old.
  20. irresistible face

    irresistible face

    close up of brindle puppy