1. Jakes Mommy

    Enlarged ear- maybe allergies??

    My sweet boxer is now 10 years old. Lately, her left ear is swelling and seems very thick. She shakes her head and scratches at it sometimes. I took her to the vet thinking she had an ear infection or ear mites. She didn’t have either. They think possibly allergies. I give her Benadryl...
  2. Reindog!


    Harley was trying to nap, while we wanted to take his pic!
  3. Jakin home from vet

    Jakin home from vet

    This is the 1st day that Jakin's has had is ears taped
  4. Aircropped Ears

    Aircropped Ears

    Why crop when these are natural? Airborn, of course!
  5. Posing for the camera

    Posing for the camera

    "Take the picture already! I'm tired of posing forever!" Can you say - SUPERSTAR! :)
  6. Look at my ears!

    Look at my ears!

    What can I say, he'll have the ladies lining up... :)
  7. I'm full

    I'm full

    Boy, that dinner was very filling...
  8. I'm watching TV

    I'm watching TV

    "Hey, get out of my way! I'm watching TV!" ...I think I interupted his favorite TV show on Animal Planet :)
  9. What? Dinner's ready?

    What? Dinner's ready?

    getting kind of hungry...
  10. Loving the sun

    Loving the sun

    enjoying the sun, playing in the yard :)
  11. I'm tired!

    I'm tired!

    resting up on the way home from the vet.
  12. Yeah, they are standing up!

    Yeah, they are standing up!

    First picture after last ear posting. Only after two posting, they are standing up. Taken right after leaving the vet.
  13. The boxer 500 run

    The boxer 500 run

    Jersey looks like he is about to take off for flight with them flapping ears *lol*
  14. Lucius resting after chasing the neighbors kitty!!

    Lucius resting after chasing the neighbors kitty!!

  15. AWE.. MOM!!

    AWE.. MOM!!

    Please let me in Mom. I promise not to eat the mop... unless it attacks me first!!
  16. Just took off the tape for the first time

    Just took off the tape for the first time

  17. Tyson


    Tyson's weekly allowance$.
  18. All taped up!

    All taped up!

  19. Lucius and his big boy ears

    Lucius and his big boy ears

    This is Lucius the day his rack and stitches came out. His ears were standing so pretty and he was so happy to have that contraption off him!!
  20. Maira


    Maira first visit to her aunt