1. Not the vet again!

    Not the vet again!

    On the way to the vet getting his posts off (last picture before the came off for good)! :)
  2. One ear Up, One ear Down

    One ear Up, One ear Down

    Rusty being playful
  3. I'm not sure this is my best side!

    I'm not sure this is my best side!

  4. What is this!?

    What is this!?

  5. Toro! Toro!!

    Toro! Toro!!

    Some people confuse Little Ginger with a 'bull'-dog, isn't that unbelievable?!
  6. What's Next?!?

    What's Next?!?

    First the Ears - now the Socks, what is next? A dress? A leotard? Sheesh!
  7. BIG hug!!

    BIG hug!!

    The vet warned me against putting Ginger with her friends after surgury - I didn't realize it was to protect them from her BIG hugs!! This picture was taken 24 hours after I got her home.
  8. Ginger's New Look

    Ginger's New Look

    This is the morning after photo. I also have pictures that were taken earlier, but this is the first one I got with her IV Band-Aid off. No cup, no cone, she hasn't started messing with them -yet!