1. dog tired

    dog tired

  2. Now all we need is Gellie

    Now all we need is Gellie

  3. Laurel and Hardy

    Laurel and Hardy

    Laurel and Hardy at age 3
  4. being ignored - 14 wks. old

    being ignored - 14 wks. old

    I want to play but their all ignoring me
  5. After playing frisbee

    After playing frisbee

    Tegan and Owen after playing frisbee.
  6. Tug-O-War


    This is both our babies. They still play like this, only now, Izzy can stand over Sammy and his head barely reaches her chest.
  7. Savannah, Hudsen

    Savannah, Hudsen

    Ahhh, such a beautiful view, sis, isn't it?
  8. Sadie and Pepper

    Sadie and Pepper

    Here is Sadie, the Papillon (left) and Pepper, the boxer (right) Playing. Both of them are interested in the stuffed purple bunny toy.
  9. Java and Friends

    Java and Friends

    This was taken just after Java turned a year old. Who says Dogs raised with out kids don't do well with kids?
  10. Java & Kids

    Java & Kids

    This is java a couple of days before I picked him up almost a year ago. What a face.
  11. Java Kisses

    Java Kisses

    This was taken by my puppy coordinator as soo as she put him in my arms.
  12. New Puppy Attraction

    New Puppy Attraction

    Java attracting his first crowd.
  13. Java in grass

    Java in grass

    Java at six months. Isn't he handsome in his puppy-in-training cape
  14. Reindeer Games...

    Reindeer Games...

  15. Three amigos!

    Three amigos!

    Zoe, Samantha (cat), and Oreo. Oreo had never seen a cat in his life (all four 1/2 months of it) before coming to live with us a week ago, but is now friends with the resident feline!
  16. Tegan and Owen

    Tegan and Owen

    Owen (brindle), 2 years old. Tegan (fawn), 5 years old.