1. bxrbgood

    My Boxer boy Diezel

    Don't let his angelic expression fool you. :) He grew up as an unsupervised street thug. I've been working on him since I got him at 18 months of age. He's a good boy now while we're out walking (if I keep him on leash near his triggers). At home he is almost angelic, almost. He loves to rough...
  2. Good Dog featuring Lara the Beautiful

    Good Dog featuring Lara the Beautiful

    Here's Miss Lara snuggled in between the photo words 'Good Dog'. And she is!
  3. Looking Cute

    Looking Cute

  4. A shark in a Boxer suit

    A shark in a Boxer suit

    "That's my swimmin' dog", he loves to hear us say that to him.
  5. Waiting for me to swim with him

    Waiting for me to swim with him

    He swims by himself but he loves it if you'll swim along. I was all the way to the reef one day when I turned around to see him not too far behind, he's fearless.


    Tonka is patient, she is also ADVENTURE DOG with EYES THAT GLOW!
  7. We have a cat?

    We have a cat?

    Our cat Pootie puts up with a lot of stuff from Udo! Good sport!
  8. Brando 2nd pic

    Brando 2nd pic

    Brando at 8 months old
  9. super dupper flying boxer

    super dupper flying boxer

    belle is so powerful she can leap tall camera's in a single bound
  10. Night vision

    Night vision

    this is what CONTRAST all about... no?
  11. cooling..


    Nothing like "cool" floor on a hot summer day.
  12. Munchies and Luna..

    Munchies and Luna..

    Munchies and Luna. who says two females can't get along...
  13. Athlon


    Athlon the French bulldog
  14. stare-outs


    "I ain't happy about sharing the grass with you either, puss." the look of digust on that cats face was priceless, I had to take a photo!
  15. Munchies and me

    Munchies and me

    munchies and me on the beach in the winter
  16. munchies close-up

    munchies close-up

    just munchi ..
  17. mummy and munchies

    mummy and munchies

    mummy sends munchies to play with luna in the pool
  18. getting cool

    getting cool

    munchies and friend (hopefully) getting cool..
  19. Blade PGSPCA Event

    Blade PGSPCA Event

    Blade took several pictures while still at the PGSPCA Picnic. Some sporting his Cap and Bandana some without.
  20. Munchies Sleeping..

    Munchies Sleeping..

    when she was small (even smaller then today ;-))