1. My baby Diesel

    My baby Diesel

    Diesel at 1 day old.
  2. Would this face lie?

    Would this face lie?

    This is Diesel when he was about three months old. What a sucker for this face I am!
  3. Buster and Diesel

    Buster and Diesel

    Buster and his buddy Diesel at the dog park. Diesel is just a few days older than Buster, and they're best of friends.
  4. My new Jacket

    My new Jacket

  5. Aren't i handsome

    Aren't i handsome

    Diesel posing for pictures as usual
  6. Diesel & Mummy

    Diesel & Mummy

    Mr Diesel at 5mths and Melissa Sullivn
  7. Diesel Wiesel

    Diesel Wiesel