1. Granny and descendants 2

    Granny and descendants 2

    So here it is. 4 generations of boxers aged from 6 months to 17 years in this pic. It could of been 5 generations but one was not co operative :-) From the left is Breeze (aged 12 - died aged 15), Granny (aged 17 - died aged 18), Skye (aged 8 - died aged 13) and at the front Max (aged 6 months -...
  2. Granny and descendants 1

    Granny and descendants 1

    On the right is granny again. The dog on the left is her son Breeze, aged 12 in this pic. The middle girl is Skye, aged 8 here. The little half a head looking on is my Max, 6 months. I think he was in awe!