1. Sunny Day & Samson

    Sunny Day & Samson

    Helping mom in backyard. Do you believe it?
  2. Delilah Very Little Baby

    Delilah Very Little Baby

    Picture from breeder. Delilah just a few days old with big daddy!
  3. Chase


    Chase's 1st day home
  4. Gable is here!

    Gable is here!

  5. Tyson


    Tyson's weekly allowance$.
  6. Do you know how cold it is out here?

    Do you know how cold it is out here?

    This was a very cold day. These girls had to be pushed outside to potty....and they were at the door in 10 seconds to come back in!!
  7. already at home

    already at home

    She's so worn out after such a big day
  8. our two girls

    our two girls

    These two are already begging for treats in unison
  9. Good buddies already

    Good buddies already

    She's making herself at home
  10. Layla & Gage

    Layla & Gage

    Layla & my oldest son, Gage


    Here is a pic of Rayne, our first boxer pup who came home today. She is with our older dog Delstar.
  12. Sophie


  13. I'm to cute

    I'm to cute

    Micah's first day home
  14. First Day Home

    First Day Home

    Oscar at 8 weeks old.
  15. Lazy Day

    Lazy Day

    Ahhhh, what a lazy day!
  16. christmas day and her birthday

    christmas day and her birthday

    Zoe was a Christmas baby....the best gift ever.
  17. Have a happy day all!!!

    Have a happy day all!!!

    I feel so happy today!!!!
  18. First day at home

    First day at home

    This was Maxs' first day at home, he did his first no no. Notice the pull in the rug. He is a real good boy, but ornry......
  19. 1-13-02 2nd day

    1-13-02 2nd day

    They are so attached to the big guy
  20. 1-13-02


    They just luvvvvv Caesar