1. Louis @ 8.5 weeks

    Louis @ 8.5 weeks

    This is Louis when he was 8.5 weeks he is now 13 weeks old.
  2. Bruiser


    Here's Bruiser smiling!
  3. Dodger and her Mum

    Dodger and her Mum

    "waves hi"
  4. beaut


    Close up!
  5. hangin


    Laying around the house, as always...
  6. I am being a good girl

    I am being a good girl

  7. The old days when I was allowed on the couch!!!

    The old days when I was allowed on the couch!!!

    my son with Wiggles before our house was damaged by hurricane Ivan and we had to get a new couch.
  8. Watch!


    Dieter obeying the watch command!
  9. Money shot

    Money shot

    THis is what I call the money shot. Shot I would personally use in the Calender if there was one. Heheh maybe I can get harts to use it on a display :)
  10. mmm I wub shoes...

    mmm I wub shoes...

    This is oscars first love.. Shoes!
  11. Told you I bite back

    Told you I bite back

    9 month old Jersey getting Ozzy back for chewing on his face. {Ozzy's face is priceless} ("You don't have to yell Jersey")
  12. I will bite back

    I will bite back

    This is Jersey playing with a boxer puppy named Ozzy he met at the beach.
  13. Roxy at six months

    Roxy at six months

  14. Another picture

    Another picture

  15. the new baby

    the new baby

    fawn puppy
  16. Buds


    Apollo and Austin
  17. Boxer_xing


    Young Apollo obeying traffic signs
  18. Serious Face

    Serious Face

    Needs no explanation
  19. What a mug!

    What a mug!

    Dogzilla making faces...
  20. Munchies and me

    Munchies and me

    munchies and me on the beach in the winter