1. Couch2


    More couch shots.. We have dozens of these
  2. Couch


    He loves this couch.. For some reason this is HIS couch!
  3. Can I have a turn?

    Can I have a turn?

    Dulce teaches Maddie how to relax.
  4. Lounging


    Ruby (the little one) and Beanie hang out on the couch. This photo actually made it into the newspaper. They're stars!
  5. Hangin out...

    Hangin out...

    Cody just hangin around...
  6. couch potato

    couch potato

    Luthers favorite past time
  7. Sophie Sleeping

    Sophie Sleeping

    This is Sophie and her cow
  8. Legend and Dad on the couch

    Legend and Dad on the couch

    Who said boxers weren't LAP DOGS????
  9. chilling on the couch!

    chilling on the couch!

    Lazy boy!
  10. Lara napping in the sun.

    Lara napping in the sun.

    Aren't they precious when they're sleeping?
  11. Ruby Snoozin'

    Ruby Snoozin'

  12. Lacey


    Lacey looking comfy on the couch.
  13. Oh boy daddies home

    Oh boy daddies home

    Jake spot Jan pulling in the driveway.
  14. sexy Jake

    sexy Jake

    Jake likes to lay on top and look out the front window.
  15. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy

    Higgins attempting to take the couch apart.
  16. You want me to what?

    You want me to what?

    This is Indy's favorite end of the couch. If he looks to his right, over the arm of the couch, he can keep a lookout on the front yard through a window.
  17. Couch hog!

    Couch hog!

    Mom, why'd you have to wake me up?!
  18. Don't tell mommy!

    Don't tell mommy!

    Titan on the couch again.
  19. Caesar sleeping

    Caesar sleeping

    Caesar gets comfortable in the weirdest positions
  20. Napping on the couch!

    Napping on the couch!

    Emma napping on the couch when she was about 9 weeks old. NO spots on her belly yet!