1. Cookie and that Tounge

    Cookie and that Tounge

    Have you ever seen a tounge as big as mine.
  2. Plotting against Matt

    Plotting against Matt

    I think they're plotting a attach.
  3. Muggsey just don't quit trying

    Muggsey just don't quit trying

    Cookie just got tired of fending him off and laid down. but that didnt stop Muggsey.
  4. Lets play

    Lets play

    Just having some fun.
  5. Lexie's not looking, lets run

    Lexie's not looking, lets run

    When Lexie wasn't looking, they all ran away.
  6. Meeting new freinds

    Meeting new freinds

    Magic, Cookie and Muggsey just getting to know each other.
  7. Brandon and the dogs

    Brandon and the dogs

    Brandon walking with Lexie, Magic, Cookie & Muggsey
  8. Cookie Up Close

    Cookie Up Close

    Cookie posing pretty for the camera, what a pretty girl.
  9. Cookie and Lilly

    Cookie and Lilly

    This is one of my favorite pictures of my girls, taken when Lilly was just a couple of months old. Cookie is about seven years old in the picture.
  10. Christmas Cookie

    Christmas Cookie

    Cookie relaxes at home a couple of days before Christmas.
  11. Naptime


    After playing with Lilly for a while, Cookie decides it's time for a nap on the couch--with her favorite toy.
  12. The family

    The family

    Here's the group: Mom, Dad, Lilly, Cookie, and brother Dante.
  13. Sleeping boxers

    Sleeping boxers

    Cookie and Coco have a rest after an afternoon of rambunctious playing.
  14. Circus dog

    Circus dog

    Cookie practices for her circus career by learning to balance a can on her head.
  15. Cookie as a pup

    Cookie as a pup

    This is Cookie before her ears were cropped, one of the few pictures of her with floppy ears!