1. Lily and Guido

    Lily and Guido

    Here is Guido and Lily sunnin' themselves on the back porch. Usually Guido avoids Lily. This day they were in perfect harmony!
  2. Lily Looking at the Neighbors

    Lily Looking at the Neighbors

    At 6 months...
  3. Lily the Super Model

    Lily the Super Model

    At 6 month again...posin' for the camera like a supermodel
  4. POSIN'


    Here is lily at 6 months...posin'
  5. Lily is Growing too quick

    Lily is Growing too quick

    She is going through her teenage years... at 6 months.
  6. Lily Staring

    Lily Staring

    Just another confused look from our dog...6 months old
  7. Proud Lily

    Proud Lily

    At 4 months...
  8. Lily in the Light!

    Lily in the Light!

    Here is the same picture as the doutone but in color...doesn't she look great? Obviously I am not objective...
  9. The Stare

    The Stare

    Lily gives that "hello, my name is Lily Con Carne and I am a D plus student"!
  10. Lily is totally Crashed

    Lily is totally Crashed

    Here she is at 4 months...tired as usual
  11. Lily and Mommy

    Lily and Mommy

    Lily and Mommy (5 months old)
  12. Lily Con Carne

    Lily Con Carne

    Lily posing in the sun