1. Guapo in Hoodie

    Guapo in Hoodie

  2. WorkOut


    What a Workout!
  3. Millie-"Anyone for a swim??"

    Millie-"Anyone for a swim??"

    Millie getting ready to go to the pool.
  4. Xierra Milan's First Pic

    Xierra Milan's First Pic

  5. Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    Here's Mahlon with his Grandma on Halloween. :)
  6. May's new sweater!

    May's new sweater!

    Here's Mahlon modeling his new threads... He picked this one out himself at Petsmart!
  7. Duchess's New Jacket

    Duchess's New Jacket

    Here's Duchess in her brand-new fleece jacket. Doesn't she look SOOOO happy?