1. Star 2 August

    Star 2 August

  2. Reuben


  3. Lara close up

    Lara close up

    Lara waits so patiently while being little supermodel!
  4. Close Up

    Close Up

    Another beach photo
  5. Sadie Close-up

    Sadie Close-up

    Sadie up close and personal
  6. HIYA!!


    I just love this picture. Its my Mazzy girl...up close and personal!
  7. Sweetie


    Mugging for the camera
  8. Up close

    Up close

  9. I'm not sure this is my best side!

    I'm not sure this is my best side!

  10. my baby's 1st day home

    my baby's 1st day home

  11. Close up

    Close up

  12. Nap time

    Nap time

    Winston & Sami are best buds and love to cuddle.
  13. close up

    close up

  14. Bella's Face

    Bella's Face

  15. Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal

    It's Bailey Up Close and Personal
  16. Miss Zoe

    Miss Zoe

    what a sweet face
  17. What a Ham!

    What a Ham!

    trying to escape, end up with close up
  18. I'm Sleepy

    I'm Sleepy

    Scooby Doo - another close up pix
  19. Close up

    Close up

    I know I am beautiful.
  20. close up

    close up

    I love to pose for mommie.