1. Grace and Dolly

    Grace and Dolly

    In just a few short weeks, they have become the best of friends! I can't imagine a better dog for a child.
  2. Holly and my son (2 1/2) having a rest!

    Holly and my son (2 1/2) having a rest!

  3. Pretty in pink

    Pretty in pink

    Buster is having too much fun to care that "pink is for girls".
  4. Can I wear that?

    Can I wear that?

    Buster (7 months) and my 4-year-old niece play dressup on Christmas day
  5. lovely wall decoration

    lovely wall decoration

    really nice painture of a little boy with a boxer!
  6. Kuno and the child

    Kuno and the child

    My first boxer at the age of 8, with my 2 year old niece, he was amazing with kids, gone to the bridge 1994