1. Charlie sleeping

    Charlie sleeping

  2. Charlie 8 months

    Charlie 8 months

  3. Charlie, 10 weeks

    Charlie, 10 weeks

    Curious Charlie
  4. Cute!


  5. Charlie and Gemma

    Charlie and Gemma

  6. Tatnger The Charmed One (Charlie)

    Tatnger The Charmed One (Charlie)

  7. Playing with Mean Kitty

    Playing with Mean Kitty

    We were in our computer room and Monko layed down holding her Mean Kitty doll..So cute..
  8. Our Monko

    Our Monko

    Our Monko laying down enjoying herself..
  9. Just look at that face!

    Just look at that face!

    Charlie at 11 1/2 weeks old...