1. Marley@4 Months

    Marley@4 Months

    Here's my boy almost all grown, what a difference 3 months makes!
  2. King Max

    King Max

    This is King Max on dad's chair. The second that I get up he always jumps up there and makes himself at home.
  3. Church on his first boat ride

    Church on his first boat ride

  4. Sleepy Boy

    Sleepy Boy

    Zilla trying really hard to stay awake...
  5. Tyson in his chair

    Tyson in his chair

    Do you think this chair is too small? Nonsense.
  6. my favorite chair

    my favorite chair

    I love stealing my Dads chair
  7. Enjoying the Fire

    Enjoying the Fire

    Living in the lap of luxury. As soon as we start a fire Luke is right there ready to take on all the heat.
  8. Chair Bear

    Chair Bear

    Bear, taking up the chair. Enjoying the comforts of home.
  9. Sit still Elmo!

    Sit still Elmo!

    Elmo sitting patiently while I take his pic.
  10. Pretty Girl

    Pretty Girl

    What a pretty girl our baby is! Look at that face!
  11. Duchess & Sam

    Duchess & Sam

    It's rare to find Sam anywhere near Duchess...OK...I admit it! I threw her up there, and she stayed just long enough for the pic. :o)
  12. Happy Face

    Happy Face

  13. Chewy in HIS chair

    Chewy in HIS chair

    Chewy LOVES this chair.
  14. spoiled brat

    spoiled brat

    "I am the queen and I'll sit where I want."
  15. Summer resting her head on the chair.

    Summer resting her head on the chair.

    Summer sleeping, and resting her head on the chair.
  16. Under Her Chair

    Under Her Chair

    This is Duchess's spot. She's almost too big to fit!
  17. Duchess In Her Den

    Duchess In Her Den

    This is Duchess's favorite spot. You can always find her there when she's guilty of something. She's almost to big to fit under there!
  18. Two in a chair

    Two in a chair

    How long can they sleep like this before George gets too heavy????
  19. Sammy in the hot seat

    Sammy in the hot seat

    Sammy at 2.5 months just arrivved sleepy but alert