1. Its Ours Matt

    Its Ours Matt

    Matt was trying to get the frisbee, Mugsey was trying to get Cookie and Magic wanted the frisbee, and Lexie want someone to pet her, lol
  2. Cookie Up Close

    Cookie Up Close

    Cookie posing pretty for the camera, what a pretty girl.
  3. Magic Getting Ready

    Magic Getting Ready

    Magic Getting Ready for the Big Boxer Bash. Looking Good Little Girl. Love Mom & Dad
  4. Lexie Girl

    Lexie Girl

    Lexie taking a time out so the humans could eat lunch...isnt she a pretty girl, I so would have taken her home with me in a heartbeat if i could have, but i think Matt and Michelle would have something to say about that. HEHEHE
  5. Please Drop One

    Please Drop One

    Musgsey was really praying that someone would drop a treat so he could get it.
  6. Team Work

    Team Work

    Magic & Cookie working together to get the frisbee.
  7. Give me the darn cookies

    Give me the darn cookies

    Magic, Cookie, Lexie & Mugsey, waiting paitently for Michelle to give them their treat. She had Pup-Corn, yes Pup-Corn. hehehe
  8. Matt & Lexie & Mel & Magic

    Matt & Lexie & Mel & Magic

    Matt (not my Matt, Michelle's Matt) and his girl Lexie, and Melanie & Magic. Arent we all cute?? lol
  9. Hangin Out

    Hangin Out

    Here is everyone just hanging out, lets the dogs get use to each other.
  10. Finally a Group Photo (take 3)

    Finally a Group Photo (take 3)

    Ok, after the 3rd time, It was time to forget trying to get the babies to sit still for another picture.
  11. Group Photo (Take 1)

    Group Photo (Take 1)

    You try getting 4 boxers who are hell bent on playing to take a good picture, lol