1. top of stairs

    top of stairs

    Cassius at the top of the stairs
  2. 10 weeks

    10 weeks

  3. da man

    da man

    My boy just chillin on the couch!
  4. My goose

    My goose

    Cassius playing with his new goose!
  5. sleepyboy


    My first dig. picture of Cassius, also, one of my favorite positions
  6. Cash first fun match

    Cash first fun match

    Cassius getting stacked and waiting for examination at his first match.
  7. Getting Tired

    Getting Tired

    Ok, guys, just give me the frisbee and nobody gets hurt. I'm getting tired, cranky and cold.
  8. Mountain Frisbee

    Mountain Frisbee

    I'm not telling you again. That's MY frisbee and this is MY mountain.
  9. Snow Frisbee

    Snow Frisbee

    Hey, That's my frisbee
  10. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man

    Its a big snow mountain, But I can do it.
  11. Pasta Crazy Cassius

    Pasta Crazy Cassius

    Cassius at 4 months love that pasta
  12. Who's walking who?

    Who's walking who?

    My two babies.
  13. My three kids

    My three kids

    Cassius came to us as a rescue, but made himself right at home :-)
  14. It's TOUGH being a Boxer!

    It's TOUGH being a Boxer!

    Cassius takes his tenth nap of the day....
  15. Grandma's Little Lap Dog

    Grandma's Little Lap Dog

    Cassius met my mom and the two became fast friends.