1. Crashius


  2. da man

    da man

    My boy just chillin on the couch!
  3. After the party

    After the party

    Too much fun on my birthday
  4. Give it to ME

    Give it to ME

    Sonji got a toy for my birthday too. It's MINE now
  5. My Birthday Ball

    My Birthday Ball

    MY ball that Debbie, Goliath and Jack sent me for my birthday
  6. $ and Sonji

    $ and Sonji

    Pre birthday party warm up
  7. $ 3rd point

    $ 3rd point

    $ does it again. Point 3 July 7 2002 Buffalo NY
  8. $ 2nd point

    $ 2nd point

    My boy $ gets earns his 2nd point at 11 months. July 6 2002 Hamlin NY Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy
  9. Here we go

    Here we go

    Were off for our once around. He was Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy this day.
  10. Can I go again, PLEASE!

    Can I go again, PLEASE!

    Cash doesn't care how hot it is, he wants to do it again. He just loves to show.
  11. Pouting


    The price of beauty
  12. Curlerboy


    Cash with his ears set before the show. Stop calling me curlerboy!
  13. Sam's First Boxer, Cash

    Sam's First Boxer, Cash