1. Casey


    this is our six week old new puppy - Casey
  2. Casey's Pillow

    Casey's Pillow

    This is my pillow...Dont even think about it!!!
  3. Casey's Office

    Casey's Office

    Casey trying to upload her own pictures at Boxerworld .. with her phone next to her in case her agents calls lol
  4. Grrrrr!


    If you don't give me that treat NOW, you're gonna be really, really sorry!!!
  5. Casey and her mommy

    Casey and her mommy

    This is Casey and me. I keep dragging her to go get professional pictures taken. The photographers are getting to know our names. Isn't she a doll baby?
  6. Casey w/ a bee sting

    Casey w/ a bee sting

    Casey definitely does not learn her lesson. She got stung by bees like 6 times last summer because she chases them and them tries to est them. This time the bee got her on the left side of her face and she got so swollen that she couldn't open her eyes.
  7. Casey with a hat on

    Casey with a hat on

    "Stop putting things on my head."
  8. Casey basking in the sun

    Casey basking in the sun

    She just lays in the yard in the summer and soaks up as much sun as she possibly can.
  9. "Let's play soccer."

    "Let's play soccer."

    Casey loves to play soccer. Not only does she carry the ball around in her mouoth, but she rolls it along the ground with her nose, too.
  10. Casey the model

    Casey the model

    She likes to sit by the window beacuse she likes to feel the sun on her face..I swear she is a person, look at how she sits.
  11. spoiled brat

    spoiled brat

    "I am the queen and I'll sit where I want."
  12. Casey asleep

    Casey asleep

    Wow, that must have been some dream.
  13. Casey stuck in a bean bag chair

    Casey stuck in a bean bag chair

    "Help, I've sunk into the bean bag chair and I can't get out."
  14. Casey with her ears stuck up

    Casey with her ears stuck up

    "HaHaHa...Alright, now put my ears back the way they were."
  15. Casey as a puppy

    Casey as a puppy

    She was such a little "angel".
  16. Casey after being spayed

    Casey after being spayed

    "What'd you guys do to me?"
  17. Casey swimming

    Casey swimming

    Casey does not like the pool, but she didn't realize that until she jumped in.
  18. Casey as a puppy

    Casey as a puppy

    "Hey you guys, I can't get up those stairs. Could someone please help me?"
  19. Casey sprawled out

    Casey sprawled out

    This is how Casey sleeps. Well, either like this or with all 4 of her legs stiff and straight out so that she takes up the whole bed.
  20. Casey and Jake

    Casey and Jake

    I think they are kissing, although Jake looks like he is growling.