1. Hey daddy whats that?

    Hey daddy whats that?

    Hey whats that daddy? sniff sniff Food?
  2. belle is so content

    belle is so content

    this is belle reelaxing on her couch
  3. What's in your hand Mom?

    What's in your hand Mom?

    Mollie at 9 ms trying to figure out what is the thing in my hand...
  4. Kill the Camera

    Kill the Camera

    Lexi gets angry sometimes when I take her photo...maybe she thoughht she as having a bad hair day.
  5. What's up?

    What's up?

    Here is our little feller, trying to figure out just what that thing is that flashes all the time! WOOF!
  6. Surprise!


    Boomer being a good boy.
  7. Cheese


    Duke loves to have his picture taken, he loves to Cheese
  8. Hello There!

    Hello There!

    My mouth is really not that big, right?
  9. Barking


    Bonzo's always ready for the camera. He's a natural.