1. Me & My Friend

    Me & My Friend

  2. Cindy Butch and Parker

    Cindy Butch and Parker

    Here I am...holding Butch and Parker laying on the couch in the background. If you notice...Butch is a HUGE boy! 96# at the time of the picture. Parker weighs in at a much lighter 55#.
  3. Big Butch

    Big Butch

    Here is another pic of Butch...not my pet...but loved him for the very short time I had him. Glad that I was able to help in a small way to get him a forever home!
  4. Butch


    Butch was a dog that I rescued from our local Humane Society. I attempted to keep him as our family pet...however, one problem...he hated our cats! I helped him get to Northwoods Boxer Rescue in MN...he now has a forever home :)