1. ya what?

    ya what?

    this is buster taking over the recliner
  2. Hey - that's mine!

    Hey - that's mine!

    Buster: "You have garlic breath." Maggie: "Do not. Shut up and give me the ball."
  3. Can you keep me??

    Can you keep me??

    This is Buster (or as least what we called him). We found him on the road and his owners came calling for him after 1.5 weeks... We are so sad :(
  4. Hurry up!

    Hurry up!

    Buster's first time hiking at a local reservoir. He had a blast and was so friendly to everyone we met. :-)
  5. Boo boo kisses

    Boo boo kisses

    Just home from her surgery to have a mass removed from her foot, Buster tries to make Maggie feel better by nibbling on her bandage.
  6. Buster up close

    Buster up close

    In the yard.
  7. Handsome boy

    Handsome boy

    Mom says I'm such a handsome 11 month old boy. I say just throw the frisbee already!
  8. Whatcha sniffing?

    Whatcha sniffing?

    Find something good?
  9. Pretzel dog

    Pretzel dog

    Mom says I'm so flexible she thinks I have rubber bands for bones. :-)
  10. Buster


    My roommates dog having a romp in the yard!
  11. Bathtime!


  12. Buster looking his best

    Buster looking his best

    Smartie boy
  13. Snoozing in the car

    Snoozing in the car

    Buster loves road trips! Here he is snoozing on our way home, all wiped out after a day at his grandparents' house.
  14. Yawning in the sunshine

    Yawning in the sunshine

    Their fave spot when the sun is shining. Makes me sleepy just watching... *yawn*
  15. Maggie keeps the pressure on

    Maggie keeps the pressure on

    Buster may be faster than his smaller sister, but she is persistent! And always gets the ball in the end... :-)
  16. Catch me if you can!

    Catch me if you can!

    Buster steals Maggie's ball...and the chase is on!
  17. Cilla the Rough Collie

    Cilla the Rough Collie

    This is our other pet Cilla the Rough Collie. 9 years old and still beautiful.
  18. One of our other pets

    One of our other pets

    Whisky the Lop Rabbit
  19. Millie on Buster's Back

    Millie on Buster's Back

    Millie climbs on Buster's back for elevation when ther are treats going! She would hate to be missed out!
  20. Buster Bloggs Tongue out

    Buster Bloggs Tongue out

    "Go Away, I'm snoring!!"