1. Tired


  2. Athlon


  3. Oslo


    My sister's American Bulldog puppy.
  4. Athlon


    Athlon resting
  5. play time

    play time

    tessa finds a new pal...mickey the bulldog,they are both a year old.
  6. Drake's buddy

    Drake's buddy

    They could almost be brothers!
  7. Athlon


    Picture taken last week
  8. Crate Time

    Crate Time

  9. Yummy Bone

    Yummy Bone

    Yummy, beefy cheesburger bone!
  10. This snow stinks!

    This snow stinks!

    This is Biggs in his first snow..By his expression looks like he is not too fond of the snow yet.
  11. I am soooo small

    I am soooo small

    this is biggs at 5months.
  12. Ally and Gracie

    Ally and Gracie

    Ally and Gracie wondering what the command "smile" means.
  13. Boxer meets Bulldog

    Boxer meets Bulldog

    Ally meets her new bullie sister Gracie.
  14. Ally's new sister, Gracie

    Ally's new sister, Gracie

    Our (soon to be) newest addition, this is Gracie at nearly 5 weeks.
  15. Bay Waving

    Bay Waving

    Bailey reluctantly waving......
  16. Lemee GO!

    Lemee GO!

    Bailey just wanted to give Santa kisses....But Santa didn't seem to understand that.... Momma was just glad to pay and LEAVE :)
  17. Glowing Eyes

    Glowing Eyes

    Thor n Bailey posing in the living room.
  18. and it's Lucy on top!

    and it's Lucy on top!

    Lucy having fun with her "sisters" and coming out on top!
  19. Bed Hogs

    Bed Hogs

    And Im spose to sleep.......???
  20. Our Proffesional Photo

    Our Proffesional Photo

    This is the picture taken at the proffesional studio. My bulldog was NOT ammused, but my boxers ears stood the WHOLE time .... hehehe....