3. mug shot

    mug shot

    mug shoy from police station
  4. buddy siitting proud

    buddy siitting proud

    Buddy in garageshowing off his good looks
  5. BIG hug!!

    BIG hug!!

    The vet warned me against putting Ginger with her friends after surgury - I didn't realize it was to protect them from her BIG hugs!! This picture was taken 24 hours after I got her home.
  6. The Whole Family

    The Whole Family

    It is not easy to get this group into one photo! Buddy is a little camera shy here!
  7. Ginger gives Buddy a Kiss

    Ginger gives Buddy a Kiss

    After a fun game of chew on Buddy's ears, Ginger tries to kiss up to the big guy. Buddy has a great amount of patience for the puppy and will let her chomp herself to sleep!
  8. Just Lounging Around

    Just Lounging Around

  9. Shelby & Buddy

    Shelby & Buddy

    Here are our to babies both 1 yr old.
  10. Buddy sittin' pretty

    Buddy sittin' pretty

    Buddy, our rescue boy, looking relaxed.
  11. OK, he can stay

    OK, he can stay

    Casey and Buddy after getting to know each other and after playtime.
  12. Strike a pose!

    Strike a pose!

    Casey and Buddy
  13. Did I mention "thank you" yet this hour?

    Did I mention "thank you" yet this hour?

    Our rescue boy, Buddy, getting used to everything, including all the pictures!
  14. Thank you, new parents!

    Thank you, new parents!

    Rescue boy, Buddy, getting acclimated to his new environment.
  15. Please take care of me!

    Please take care of me!

    First day with our rescue guy, Buddy. His coat was filthy and he had a few sores.
  16. Please just love me!

    Please just love me!

    Our first day with Buddy, our rescue boy. Poor guy was dirty, smelly and underweight!