1. Baylee


  2. Genesis sitting down

    Genesis sitting down

    Here is my 4 monenesisth old brindle boxer her name is G
  3. Chicken is good

    Chicken is good

    7 Month Lola loves Chicken
  4. christmas photos

    christmas photos

    family photo
  5. christmas photos

    christmas photos

  6. chritmas photo

    chritmas photo

    Sasha at 22 months
  7. My baby Diesel

    My baby Diesel

    Diesel at 1 day old.
  8. Miss Lucy

    Miss Lucy

  9. Canine_Collection


    Canine Collection
  10. Bella Ann Looking to Heaven

    Bella Ann Looking to Heaven

    Bella Ann, 4 months old posing for her Christmas photo
  11. Bruiser


    Here's Bruiser smiling!
  12. Enjoying the sunshine

    Enjoying the sunshine

    First day here, and she's so relaxed and happy!
  13. Sasha loves flowers...

    Sasha loves flowers...

    Hehe she discovered the front lawn today!
  14. Aspen at 1 1/2 weeks old

    Aspen at 1 1/2 weeks old

  15. baby bella 10 weeks old

    baby bella 10 weeks old

  16. bella chillen

    bella chillen

  17. bella again

    bella again

  18. bella being lazzy

    bella being lazzy

  19. my bella 3

    my bella 3

  20. my bella 2

    my bella 2