1. Cribs are for boxers too!

    Cribs are for boxers too!

    Daddy thought it would be funny to put me and cat in the crib.
  2. Sorry Santa!

    Sorry Santa!

    Oh my gosh! I think Boz ate Santa!!
  3. What are you?

    What are you?

    Boz introducing himself to my Mothers bird while on vacation. For some reason the bird didn't like my sweet boy. Just because Boz tried to chomp him doesn't mean he doesn't love him.


    This is what happened when Boz was trusted outside his crate for 30 mins. He dragged the bleach off the washer and onto the carpet *sigh*
  5. Are you gonna share that?

    Are you gonna share that?

    This is Boz waiting patiently for the cat to get off the pizza box so he can help himself.
  6. Snuggling


    Boz and the kitten getting aquainted.
  7. Friends?


    this is Boz trying to be friends with the kitten
  8. Best buds

    Best buds

    Boz and cat relaxing
  9. Hanging out

    Hanging out

    Boz and Cat enjoying their time outside.
  10. Soakin up the sun

    Soakin up the sun

    Boz at 6 months enjoying one of our first nice days of the year.
  11. missed a spot missed a spot

    The cat giving Boz a bath on the back of the couch
  12. You can't get me!!

    You can't get me!!

    This is the cat's safe place....sometimes
  13. Snow yay!!

    Snow yay!!

    playin in the snow
  14. We didn't do it!!

    We didn't do it!!

    Boz at 3 months with my nephew pretending to be innocent
  15. Taking a break

    Taking a break

    Boz at 2 months
  16. Love them hugs!!

    Love them hugs!!

    Boz and my nephew sharing some love