1. Pretty Boy!

    Pretty Boy!

    Dieter striking a pose.
  2. Up!


    Dietz playing with Dad and his worn out frisbee.
  3. Dieter & Ruggie

    Dieter & Ruggie

    Dietz with his cousin, Arugula Vespa, a retired racer.
  4. It's chew-bone time!

    It's chew-bone time!

    Dietz with his favorite chew bone.
  5. Watch!


    Dieter obeying the watch command!
  6. Jake


    Oops Unc should leave his hat out
  7. Help me guys

    Help me guys

    Still trying to get up on the porch :) he's making it with no problem now. TOO CUTE
  8. nice job

    nice job

    The biggest in the litter, he is a handfull.
  9. Titus my brindle boy

    Titus my brindle boy

    One of my 5 boxers My big beautiful goofy brindle boy.
  10. Playing at the NJ Shore

    Playing at the NJ Shore

  11. Wilson looking gorgeous.

    Wilson looking gorgeous.

    A face just for kissing. *smooch*!
  12. Lucius resting after chasing the neighbors kitty!!

    Lucius resting after chasing the neighbors kitty!!

  13. Wilson!


    Here's Wilson on his first day home. He's pretty mellow, and has a lovely temperament. I think he and Lara will get along splendidly!
  14. A boy and his boxers

    A boy and his boxers

    A boy and his boxers.
  15. Look at that face!!

    Look at that face!!

    My handsome little son!!
  16. 1 month Stacked

    1 month Stacked

  17. Crazy Looking Lara!

    Crazy Looking Lara!

    I caught Lara in the middle of rubbing her head on my boy, something she does quite frequently! Kind of like she's saying "Pat me already!"
  18. Renegade


    this is my baby boxer boy Renegade, he is 7ks old and full of energy, it was incredably hard to get him to sit still for this picture.
  19. sleepyboy


    My first dig. picture of Cassius, also, one of my favorite positions