1. bxrbgood

    Copilot Ginger @ 7

    I got to work with Daddy today. loveicon
  2. bxrbgood

    My Boxer boy Diezel

    Don't let his angelic expression fool you. :) He grew up as an unsupervised street thug. I've been working on him since I got him at 18 months of age. He's a good boy now while we're out walking (if I keep him on leash near his triggers). At home he is almost angelic, almost. He loves to rough...
  3. Diezel


    Laying down, floppy lips and all. :)
  4. Lily


    On guard while we were on a walk recently. 10-8-14
  5. RIP Wiggles 13 years 7 months...Best baby girl ever!!!

    RIP Wiggles 13 years 7 months...Best baby girl ever!!!

    We had to put my baby to sleeep, due to old age and Mast cell cancer...wasn't on any medication and lived a full life,just like a princess! 13 years 7 months
  6. my buddy Mater

    my buddy Mater

    Hes a good boy!!
  7. Dax - 6 months

    Dax - 6 months

    a profile picture...
  8. Phoenix's first ride home.

    Phoenix's first ride home.

  9. Tao Kingston = Cool Dude

    Tao Kingston = Cool Dude

    Tao Kingston = Total Cool Dude
  10. Playing in the Leaves

    Playing in the Leaves

  11. Waffles, First Puppy Pic

    Waffles, First Puppy Pic

    3 Weeks Old
  12. Chicken is good

    Chicken is good

    7 Month Lola loves Chicken
  13. My baby Diesel

    My baby Diesel

    Diesel at 1 day old.
  14. Ginger


    Ginger from Youngtown, Arizona.
  15. Louis @ 8.5 weeks

    Louis @ 8.5 weeks

    This is Louis when he was 8.5 weeks he is now 13 weeks old.
  16. Guess I get the couch....

    Guess I get the couch....

    Came up to bed and found my spot had been taken. :p But isn't it SO cute?!
  17. Nobody's Toy

    Nobody's Toy

    They're both under the bed, and BF was teasing them putting the toy just out of reach. Poor pitiful things :)
  18. Aspen at 1 1/2 weeks old

    Aspen at 1 1/2 weeks old



    Tonka is patient, she is also ADVENTURE DOG with EYES THAT GLOW!
  20. Tonka curled up

    Tonka curled up

    Tonka's 2 years 8 months now. This was her puppy bed.